In #NMDF you can take lessons of the most popular dance genres, always in line with the latest evolutions in dance trends. Some of the best teachers and choreographers will teach you their favorite genre, one that reflects their personality and unique lifestyle.

Here is some useful info for you:


Α type of dance, mainly influenced by street dancing (hip hop, break dance, popping) as well as other genres (jazz, ballroom, etc.). Commercial dance is related to pop music and shows, concerts and videos of famous international artists such as Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears. It is one of the most popular choices for those who want to develop their dancing skills and take them to a more professional level.


In this lesson you will learn choreographies of famous video clip performances. Choreographies include various styles, such as jazz, funk and other street styles. Video Clip Dance is intense, joyful and very entertaining. Each time a new piece is taught to the participants.


The course is aimed at those who want to have a first acquaintance and contact with classic ballet. More specifically, after a few minutes of warm-up, the lesson continues with some exercises on the bar. Other exercises include teaching of terminology as well. Each exercise is presented and analyzed separately, and is accompanied by piano music, of both classical and modern repertoire. Εxercises performed outside the bar use a similar procedure as well as additional routines of strengthening and stretching. The lesson aims at the theoretical and practical acquaintance with ballet, and focuses on its multiple benefits such as fitness, improved technical training, better body perception, the improvement of attitude and overall expression.


This lesson focuses on teaching hip hop pacing as well as learning techniques from all street styles (popping, locking, etc.). The purpose of the lesson is to have a wide range of steps and techniques to be able to develop both on a personal level and to develop creativity. The structure of the course is as follows: warm up, step learning, choreography / step combination.


Hip hop is a kind of dance originating from a deep historic background connected to New York’s lifestyle. It symbolises the idea of freedom and intense expression through dancing. It is often a social and improvising dance. Each teacher / choreographer is free to choose and form his / her own piece of choreography, suited to their unique personality. Lesson includes warm-up, choreography and rehab. Beginners lesson is more or less the same, with easier choreographies.


These teams have been formed after auditions. The purpose of the members is to participate in domestic and international dance competitions. Team members are given a thorough and analytical teaching of the various hip hop styles so they can practice on an accomplished choreography piece, being able to compete at the highest level. Participants are seperated in two groups according to their age: 13-17 and 18+.


The lesson focuses on teaching choreography pieces, based on the new style / hip hop genre, enriched with steps of the modern street lifestyle. A 15 minute warm up takes place, then emphasis is laid on technique, pace and musicality. A new piece is taught every single time.


The core of the lesson is almost the same as in the Street Choreography Pro lesson. However there is a higher level of difficulty. A deeper analysis of the dance steps also takes place.


Modern dance is about the absolute freedom of movement and also focuses on technique. This lesson consists of a ten minute warm up, then proceeds with work on technique, flow, and speed. It also includes movement variations as well as weight and level transfers. Through this course you will learn to fully control your body and you will acquire strength. The choreography will be different in each lesson and in some cases you will be taught how to improvise.


Type of dance, inspired and influenced by modern R&B music, along with jazz moves. Jazz Funk is suited for all levels of dancing skills and includes, warm-up then teaching of a choreography and finally a restoration section.


Dancehall Choreo is more than a type of dance; Starting during late 80s and early 90s in Jamaica, it is widely considered as a lifestyle. Τhe list of dancehall’s steps / moves is long and is influenced by African and traditional Jamaican genres. This lesson focuses more on integrating steps into choreographies and routines based on hip-hop style.


A type of dance that, as its name implies, is performed on heels. Commercial Heels highlights the femininity and sensuality of the dancer. Choreographies include elements of various dance styles, mainly related to pop music.


In this lesson a new choreography is taught every one or two meetings. New Style combines multiple urban styles, mainly influenced by hip hop and other street styles. The level of the lesson is intermediate, therefore a previous experience of dancing is advisable.


Street Commercial is related to many kinds of dances. Ιn this particular lesson students will mostly get accustomed to hip hop style, especially with new style choreography, which is based on hip hop music. Lesson includes a ten minute warm-up, then dance routines are taught (in 8 sequence steps). In each teaching routine, students will focus on expression, attitude and performance. Every time there will be a different choreography to be taught.


Το Street Commercial Beginers αναφέρεται σε πολλά και διαφορετικά είδη χορού, τα οποία μπορούν να συμπεριληφθούν στην κατηγορία του commercial. Το συγκεκριμένο μάθημα εστιάζει στην κατηγορία του  hip hop και ειδικότερα στο  new style, το οποίο αναφέρεται στο street dance style και χορεύεται πάνω σε hip hop μουσική. Το μάθημα περιλαμβάνει ένα δεκάλεπτο ζέσταμα και στη συνέχεια ακολουθεί η ρουτίνα η οποία διδάσκεται σε 8αρια. Σε κάθε ρουτίνα δουλεύεται η τεχνική, διδάσκεται καινούριο βηματολόγιο και δίνεται έμφαση στα ερμηνευτικά στοιχεία του χορού. Αξίζει να σηειωθεί ότι σε κάθε μάθημα η χορογραφία είναι διαφορετική.


There are two NMDF Crew teams, a Junior (ages 7-12) and an Adults team (18+). Both share the same goal. A great deal of hard work , discipline and commitment is requied by the team members so they can improve to the best possible way. Teams join dance competitions and participate in various projects such as dance videos, video clips , shows etc.